Wood-concrete wall cladding

Noise protection for existing reflecting walls and speical-purpose solutions

Wall Cladding

    PHONOBLOC® HB wall claddings are ideally suited for retrofitting and for special areas such as flood protection areas.

    Like all PHONOBLOC® HB products, PHONOBLOC® HB offer optimum absorption values and a wide range of advantages and highest quality.

    Installation: adhesive and dowels

    PHONOBLOC® HB absorbers can easily be installed to existing walls with an adhesive and dowels.

    This type of application is referred to as wall cladding and perfectly withstands the adhesive/tensile tests.

    This type of application is particularly popular:

    • at the entrance/exit area of a tunnel
    • on reflecting supporting walls
    • noise protection for workers in industrial and commercial installations

    Installation: aluminium rail system

    The absorber blocks can also be installed on aluminium rails.

    This application method is used if the substructure is uneven. The system provides for further advantages, for example in flood protection areas, where air circulation must be ensured.

    Preferred application areas:

    • on existing, uneven substructures 
    • in flood protection areas