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Individual and harmonic landscaping

Design & Architecture

    Design & Architecture

    The only limit is your creativity

    Through our colourful variety and surface possibilities architects experience new possibilities in their creativity.  

    • choose from numerous colours
    • choose from many surface options and profiles

    PHONOBLOC® is a brand of DELTABLOC® and stands for solid and innovative noise protection. The absorber panels are made from wood and lightweight concrete. The PHONOBLOC® product range not only provides improved quality of life for nearby residents but is also environmentally friendly – the perfect match for the DB LSW series with a solid concrete base.

    Now Safety Comes in Rainbow colours

    Grey concrete is a thing of the past. With PHONOBLOC® architects and designers can now employ the complete colour palette in their work. PHONOBLOC® absorbers are available in a range of natural tones and standard RAL colours.

    DB LSW integrated noise barriers can be harmoniously integrated into the landscape with sensitive colour gradients.

    Colors and patterns

    The PHONOBLOC® design concept allows the architect to integrate the DB LSW into the landscape or make it outstanding unique.

    Combine colors and patterns for an individual surface
    Combine different wall heights for a characteristic line

    Multitude of Patterns

    Numerous attractive structures of the PHONOBLOC® noise protection line create a richly varied overall picture in relation to the environment.

    As a result, the elements blend harmoniously with the surroundings or create remarkable pattern effects on the DB LSW.