We control noise.

Harmonious landscaping with lasting PHONOBLOC® wood concrete.

As a sustainable company, we pay close attention to our environmental responsibility. Our commitment to the environment begins in the product development phase of PHONOBLOC® – from the raw materials through the manufacturing process to the disposal at the end of the product life.

Short transport distances through an international production network and an excellent carbon footprint characterise the PHONOBLOC® HB product range. The use of all-natural components has a positive effect on the service life and the recycling ability of the elements.

The sustainable PHONOBLOC® products are customisable, highly absorbent and durable. These are our contributions to ensuring a higher quality of life in your immediate surroundings through noise protection and an outstanding carbon footprint.

All this speaks for PHONOBLOC®

  • quality standard
  • service life & maintenance
  • ecological balance
  • versatility
  • sustainability